Go Behind The Scenes On Marvel’s Biggest Blockbusters

Recently, Marvel movies have been the most reliable iterations of a studio outside of Pixar. You always get something entertaining and inventive. Even the lesser films in their series usually look great.

But how do they achieve consistent quality and success across all 20+ films?

Key Trademarks of DP Bradford Young’s Visual Style

While cinematographers rarely get the treatment directors do, their eyes and sensibilities provide some of the most interesting parts of the story.

And Bradford Young has earned the trust of some of the best directors working. He’s done this through his creation of personal, naturalistic, and subtlety engaging images.

Interview with Sam McCurdy BSC – Cinematographer of Game of Thrones and Lost in Space, Part 1

There is an incredible amount of people and energy on a TV show, but everything has to be done quickly. You can’t spend three hours rehearsing or lighting for a scene, but it has to look as best as it can and as a feature film. It is essential to know where you want to go as a cinematographer to execute the vision of the director without losing your crew’s time nor energy.